5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Weddings



Are you planning to get married this summer? Summer seems to be the ideal time for a wedding — plus, it lends itself to many possibilities for saving on wedding costs.

  • Be creative about your wedding venue

You have more options for venues in summer. Think outside the box. You can have a beautiful sunset wedding ceremony in your own backyard and dance under the moonlight after the service. You can have a fun picnic ceremony at the local park. A friend may have an empty piece of land with a river running through it — perfect for a champagne wedding breakfast.

Use the same place for the wedding rites and the reception. It will simplify things and cut costs.

  • Limit your guests

This is one of the easier and more practical ways to save money on your wedding. You can make your budget count by spending more money on less people.

Invite family members and close friends. It does not make sense to invite people with whom you do not have meaningful or lasting relationships.

  • Cut on expenses for food and drink

If you have a limited budget, you do not have to spend for fancy china and expensive catering. Summer is ideal for an easy, laid-back fun wedding.

Do away with a fancy buffet. You can serve finger foods, gorgeous desserts, and drinks. Instead of a huge wedding cake, opt for a beautifully made small wedding cake for the cutting ceremony. Serve a delicious sheet cake to the guests.

Do away with the open bar. Serve a refreshing punch made with liquor, fruits juices, and sparkling water instead.

  • Be creative with the wedding décor

Intricate floral arrangements are usually one of the more expensive and luxurious items you have to pay for in a wedding. With all the bounty that summer offers, however, you can make beautiful décor and centerpieces at a fraction of the cost.

Use wildflowers and twigs for an appealing rustic look. Repurpose a cake stand by adding colorful fresh fruits and candles to make a creative centerpiece. Use a cluster of differently sized candles for a romantic and cozy showpiece.

Repurpose the décor you use at the ceremony. After the ceremony, have somebody pick up the bouquets used to line the aisles with and put them into colored bottles or vases to use as centerpieces for the reception.

  • Skip the tuxedo and the fancy wedding dress

Summer is perfect for a dressed-down wedding affair. Give your summer wedding a stamp of your personal style and flair. You can opt to use a country chic wedding dress with floral appliqués or a vintage summery wedding dress.

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