Devumi Review: The Social Media King



The popularity of social media sites has continuously spiked as people from all walks of life, young and old now want to be connected with their family and friends through Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Social media said to be the future of marketing, has never been in this frenzied state. All of a sudden the number of likes, views, followers, and retweets have become the standard for brands, personalities, wannabes and your average Joe and plain Jane.

This is the realm of Devumi.  This company specializes in social media marketing. It boasts of a reliable and friendly support team delivering unparalleled service at the menu of reasonable prices starting at $12 for 1,000 followers.

Whether one is endorsing a product or service, or simply wants to gain popularity or social credibility, it is tempting to try their deals. Admit it or not, everybody wants to know who’s hot and what’s trending. Despite people’s tendency to rebel against conformity, one’s curiosity is aroused when a crowd gathers. It is the same in the social media world.

Established in 2010, Devumi continues to grow its reputation as the best in its league. It is no surprise then that over the years, followers of Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pinterest ranked Devumi #1 among its competitors.

What Exactly Does It Offer?

Simply put, Devumi offers a set of subscribers depending on the plan one selects for the following social media sites –Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Soundcloud, and Vine.

Some followers may be inactive but all are real with photos and profiles. The idea is for the client to be noticed, to generate buzz and build up momentum to be eventually followed naturally by others.

To make it easy, a menu of services is provided for Devumi users to pick out what works within their budget and expectation as each price corresponds to a number of likes, views, followers and retweets and other metrics used to measure.

And Devumi has a website that’s not just ultra cool and hip, it is also user-friendly and straightforward. It tells you exactly what you get for the amount you are willing to pay for.

These are the social media sites Devumi can build up for those willing to try out their value for money services:


Devumi’s #1 service is providing Twitter followers to increase your social media presence and credibility.

Now on its 6th year, it has generated results and served satisfied customers ranging from big celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses and personal accounts.

Devumi sells Twitter followers but it also offers other attractive services such as:

  • Retweets & Likes of a tweet of your choice

One thing worth mentioning is that Retweets and Likes may be purchased separately and the price starts at $5 with a fast turnaround of an hour.

  • Auto Engagements for automatic retweets and likes on your tweets

For Auto Engagements, the plan starts at $19/month.

  • Sponsored mentions of your account and content

This scheme makes it possible to reach out to active Twitter account holders, especially those influencers to further support you. This allows for better exposure to your choice of audience.


If you want to generate views on Youtube, Devumi can handle the promotion for your video and boost your much-needed and aspired for the number of views, likes and relevant comments.

Plan starts at $25 for 5,000 views, $10 for 100 subscribers and likes, dislikes and comments plan starts at $10.


To optimize exposure of songs and make it viral, purchase Soundcloud Plays or Followers with plans starting at $12 for 100 followers and $12 also for 5,000 plays.


If you’re waiting for a breakthrough for your video, rely on Devumi. For only $10, get 1,000 real plays with Devumi’s tried and tested strategy to engage more viewers.


Hoping for more followers, likes and re-pins? A plan starts at $29 for 500 followers. Just choose your preferred number and see your popularity rise in the world of social media.

What’s More

Devumi has several assurances for its clientele that make them more loved. It promises 100% 30-day money back guarantee and discreet and anonymous service so that no one will know that a certain individual or company is enjoying their offering of followers and likes.

Also, signing up with Devumi does not require access to their client’s account or require customers to follow other accounts.  This is unlike what other social media marketing companies practice.

How to Order?

Like any online shopping sites, Devumi has made it easy for you to purchase any of their services in 3 steps and it promises to work on your order within 2 days.

Step 1: Select a Package

Step 2: Customize

Step 3: Check out and Pay

After that, you can now sit back, relax and see your account get its needed boost.  You can get more information about how you can try Devumi’s services and experience their brand of excellence for yourself by visiting their website.

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