About Us

At OfficialR, we know you like saving money, because we like to save money too. Who doesn’t want to stretch their dollar further and get a bigger bang for their buck?

We’re your source for every kind of coupon under the sun – from food to dining out to health care to clothing and accessories, and more. Come to our site regularly and search our coupon categories, which clearly tells you how many coupons are currently in each area. This number will change all the time, as we’ll keep finding new deals to share with you.

Our site is easy to use. If you still think of couponing as scanning through mountains of newspapers and magazines and clipping out pieces of paper, you’re a bit behind on the times. Just visit our site, officialr.com, and perform a quick search and get ready to save big with our coupon codes and virtual checkout deals.

We don’t just do research and list – we also partner directly with your favorite companies so you can be sure that all the coupons you can get at Officialr.com will all work. It’s a win-win – you get great deals as a consumer, and the companies get more buyers that we are bringing right to their doorstep.

Come back and see us often, because deals are always changing and we’re always adding new features. And if you love us, bring your friends and share your favorite deals with them, because sharing is caring.